If you have completed Module 1 you are on your way to being awarded the Standards Office CPD certificate.

Module 2 is especially for class and subject teachers. It shows how you can implement what you have learned in Module 1 in your own classroom.

Completing this second module, of the three-module accredited course, demonstrates your commitment to being the best teacher you can for your students. Headteachers and employers are looking for people with this degree of commitment. The fact that you have completed these modules online also demonstrates you have the ICT, self discipline and time management skills needed to separate you out from others, and your commitment to raising standards. Module 3 is for those seeking promotion or wanting to work better with parents. If you just want to complete Modules 1 and 2, MAW Education will present you with their own certificate endorsing the fact that you have completed these two modules successfully. Start this module now, then learn more about MI and MAW Education at www.mi-education.com

What You Will Learn in Module 2

Teaching and Learning, Lesson Planning, Assessment.

  • Teaching and Learning

    Lessons 4 helps you understand how learning occurs. It asks you to think about how YOU learn! Lesson 5 thinks about what helps and what hinders a student from learning, so you can make sure your conditions help them learn.

  • Assessment

    Lesson 6 shows you how you can use MI theory to help identify your students' multiple intelligences. Lesson 8 considers the many ways you can assess your students' progress, so you can plan successfully.

  • Lesson Planning

    Lesson 7 is about lesson planning. It shows you how to plan your lessons in detail, so all your students achieve. An example lesson plan can be downloaded and you are asked to prepare a real lesson you are about to take, on a given template.

  • Tuition Fees

    The cost of this three-module course covers tuition fees, as your work is personally marked, feedback is given via email, and you receive a CPDSO accredited certificate on completion. If you prefer just to complete the course on your own, the cost averages out as under $10 per lesson, but your work is not marked and no feedback is given. However, you do receive a MAW Education certificate on completing Lesson 10. This alternative course can be found at http://multiple-intelligences.com/courses-overview .

  • Testimonials

    1) Module 2: It helped me to rethink my teaching through learning about conditions for better learning; how to identify children multiple intelligences; how to plan lessons and activities accordingly, and how to assess their learning. Nadjet

Course curriculum - Module 2: Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Learning Objectives: To have knowledge of factors that affect learning; To understand how learning occurs; To be able to write a detailed, differentiated lesson plan based on formative assessment.

  1. 1
    • A Message from Your Tutor

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    • MI and Lesson Planning Booklet: Early Years

    • MI and Lesson Planning Booklet: Middle School

    • MI and Lesson Planning Booklet: Senior School

    • Module 2 - Milestones - what you need to achieve

  2. 2
    • Lesson: Understanding How Learning Occurs

    • Assessment Questions: Understanding How Learning Occurs

  3. 3
    • Lesson: Conducive Conditions for Learning

    • Assessment Questions: Conducive Conditions for Learning

  4. 4
    • Lesson: Identifying Students' Multiple Intelligence

    • Assessment Questions: Identifying Students' Multiple Intelligences.

  5. 5
    • Unit Plan Template

    • Lesson Plan Template 1

    • Lesson Plan Template 2

    • Example Detailed Lesson Plan

    • Lesson: Ten-Step Lesson Plan

    • Assessment Questions: Ten-Step Lesson Plan

  6. 6
    • MI and Assessment Booklet - Early Years

    • MI and Assessment Middle Years

    • MI and Assessment Booklet: Senior School

    • Lesson: Assessment and Testing

    • Assessment Questions 1-10: Assessment and Testing

    • Assessment Questions 11-15: Assessment and Testing

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The Perfect Course for Teachers Wanting to Change their Teaching Style.

Do you teach straight from the text book? Do you want to know how you can make the work more relevant for your students? This course will take you by the hand, step by step, and show you how to make that change. ENROL NOW Only £50 during August. Tuition fees for Module 2 will revert back to £75 in September.

Guarantee and Special Offer

Module 1, the Foundation Unit, is offered free, so that you have a good foundation for understanding Modules 2 and 3. Module 2 is based on very successful workshops run by Margaret Warner for teachers in India and Algeria, so we expect the same success for you. If, after 30 days of signing up for this module, you feel it is not for you, there is a full money-back guarantee. Any requests or complaints should be send to [email protected] .