Who are these courses and publications for?

1) Teachers interested in Multiple Intelligences theory, or wanting to change from traditional, whole-class teaching, to individualised, student-centred learning. 2) Small business owners and entrepreneurs who want help deciding what to sell and how to sell it. 3) People who want help deciding what to do next, through life coaching. 4) Experts, wanting to share their expertise. For more information or support: email [email protected]

Testimonials for the Teachers' Course

“Thanks a lot for this useful course it really helped me a lot, as it introduced me to new techniques to use & new books to read. It was a really helpful course that opened my mind to new things & increased my knowledge about children’s minds. Special thanks to dear Margaret for her continuous help & kindness all through the course.” Fatma Heshmat, Cairo, Egypt. "Dear Ma'am, I have completed Module 1. It was a good learning experience." Pradnya, Delhi, India. "Looking forward to see my result as I am very excited for the same. Thank you." Priyanka, Delhi, India. "Module 1: It gave me a thorough understanding of MI theory and an introduction to other important educationalists who impacted modern education. Module 2: It helped me to rethink of my teaching through learning about conditions for better learning, how to identify children multiple intelligences, how to plan lessons and activities accordingly and how to assess their learning. Module 3: I gained a clear distinction between management and leadership in schools. Much emphasis is on the importance of professional development and how should the school team work towards a multiple intelligences school and how to develop a parent-school partnership." Nadjet Bettayeb, Algeria. “I had the the Skype sessions and they were really very useful for me and helped me so much in my work. So I recommend it to whoever wants to discover multiple intelligences and enhance his knowledge.” Zahraa Rizk, Cairo, Egypt.

‘Changing Education’ by Margaret Warner

Published by Good Luck Publishers, India. http://www.goodluckpublishers.com

The accredited on-line course 'Improving Teaching Skills' is based on the book 'Changing Education'. Principals of schools have purchased this book to discuss with their Senior Leadership Team, before teachers in their school started this course. Modules 1 and 2 are for class and subject teachers, and those aspiring to senior leadership roles should complete all three modules. The whole, three-module, course is accredited by the CPD Standards Office.

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Formative Assessment Ideas

Margaret Warner


Lesson Plans for the Differentiated Classroom

Margaret Warner


Testimonials for Articles and Newsletters

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Adaora – Nigeria – “Many thanks for your response, especially the links you provided in your mail.” Gabriel – Nigeria – “I don’t knw hw to thank u. Your last email on handwriting was most needed. Last term i was privileged to teach Physics to grade 10 students and i discovered that at that level, they were still printing instead of joinin their writing. I proposed to my academic director that we focus next term on ‘legible writing’.” Riama – Indonesia – “thank you for your article, it’s very interesting.” Rimmon – Phillipines – “thank you so much , i am an adherent of this learning style, your article/s (to be sent) will be of great help to me…” Susan – Phillipines – “Thank you for all the information here.” (Susan then bought the assessment booklet) Leonor – Canada – “I thank you for the attachments you are sending me , they are truly a big help to my counseling work.” Glynis – Australia – ” Thanks for the interesting articles – with regard to multiple intelligences – I supervise the special education services here.” Gaspar – Myanmar – ” Thank you for letting me to be one of your members ….. I have decided to choose teaching profession six months ago because I am willingly to help the young students …… Thank you so much” "Your information and Technique is wonderful and helpful in teaching fraternity. With Humble thanks and regards, Devi L."

Testimonials for Life Coaching Course

These testimonials come from teachers, play therapists, artists (music, theatre and painting), writers, and aspiring small business owners, all of whom chose Margaret as their Life Coach. Originals can be seen at the MAW Education Office. Annie's comments, Ledbury: "Clear, efficient with an excellent understanding, open and easy to discuss matters with." What did you most enjoy about the session? "Challenging myself to better realise what I can achieve." Annie is now a really successful business woman with many people asking her to provide catering for their celebrations in Somerset, UK." Geraldine's comments, Newbury: "Was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it." What did you most enjoy about the session? "Giving me goals to work towards." Susanna's comments, London: "A very interesting process – certainly revealing and surprising! Some excellent tips to the future." What did you most enjoy about the session? "The idea of planning long term in compact categories." David's comments, London: "I found the session most useful." What did you most enjoy about the session? "The possibility of positivity and objectivity." Carly's comments, Warwick: "A very positive experience. I liked the structure of the session." What did you most enjoy about the session? "The opportunity to talk about my future goals." Gary's comments, Newbury: "Very useful session gets one thinking about a whole host of things." Natasha, Tewkesbury: What did you most enjoy about this session? "Being able too talk my goals and ideas through with another person." Ninette, Chile: What did you most enjoy about this session? "The attitude and promptness." Matthew, Singapore: What did you most enjoy about this session? "Clarity of concepts." Marcia from Leeds, completed a shortened course. Here are a few of her comments: Session 1 – "Friendly and professional approach." Liked best - the delivery Session 2 – Liked best - the planning Session 4 – Liked best - info.