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  • Learning to Drive

    Mariana, a mother with a small baby said, "I have always wanted to drive, but haven't had the courage." Problem solved when she began to take driving lessons after the third life coaching session and surprised her husband when he returned from after six months away with the navy! She was driving herself and her baby about on her own!

  • Starting up a small business

    Annie said to me, "I want to set up my own catering business." Problem solved when she thought through what this would entail and what support she would need. She now has a thriving catering business. See the result at

  • I'm afraid of flying

    Geraldine told me, "I have a friend who now lives in the USA and has invited me to visit, but I am afraid of flying." "Problem solved when definite dates were fixed for a visit and fears were faced." She had a wonderful holiday!

Is there something you want to do, but haven't had the courage yet to do it?

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